Southern Nevada Chapter
of the
American Guild of Organists



The Desert Wind is the newsletter of the Southern Nevada Chapter of the American Guild of Organists. It is published five times a year and contains local chapter news, activities and other useful information.

The Desert Wind is edited by Bruce Behnke

The following editions are available online as PDF files.

Nov-Dec 2018.PDF

Sept-Oct 2018.PDF        
Sept-Oct 2017.PDF Nov-Dec 2017.PDF Jan-Feb-2018.PDF Mar-Apr 2018.PDF May-June-2018.PDF
Sept-Oct 2016.PDF Nov-Dec 2016.PDF Jan-Feb 2017.PDF Mar-Apr 2017.PDF May-June 2017.PDF
Sept-Oct 2015.PDF Nov-Dec 2015.PDF Jan-Feb 2016.PDF Mar-Apr 2016.PDF May-June 2016.PDF
Sept-Oct 2014 PDF Nov-Dec 2014 PDF Jan-Feb 2015 PDF Mar-Apr2015 PDF May-June2014 PDF
Sept-Oct 2013 PDF Nov-Dec 2013 PD Jan-Feb 2014 PDF Mar-Apr 2014 PDF May-June 2014 PDF
Sept-Oct 2012 PDF Nov-Dec 2012 PDF JAN-FEB 2013 PDF Mar-Apr 2013 PDF May-Jun 2013 PDF
Sept-Oct 2011 PDF Nov-Dec 2011 PDF Jan-Feb 2012 PDF Mar-Apr 2012 PDF May-June 2012 PDF
Sept-Oct 2010.PDF Nov-Dec 2010.PDF Jan-Feb 2011 PDF Mar-Apr 2011 PDF May-June 2011 PDF