Working to insure that organs never lose their voice.


Members of the Southern Nevada Chapter: AGO have an enduring love of the king of instruments. The organization strives to advocate for not only the preservation of instruments currently in the region, but actively works to promote & encourage the building of new organs throughout the Las Vegas Valley.

PIPE ORGAN DATABASE: The SNC:AGO seeks to catalog, photograph, and record the history, maker and technical specification of instruments in southern Nevada. If you know of an instrument not included on our roster, or if the information is inaccurate, please email us at



ORGAN COMMITTEES: Members of the SNC:AGO boards have overseen the building of multiple pipe organs, chaired & served on pipe organ committees or have actually built pipe organs. Include one of our experts on your organ committee to help get your project moving in the right direction.

CONSULTATIONS: Whether you are considering to build a new sanctuary, planning for the future or wondering what to do with what you currently have, one of our members will be happy to consult with you and your organization, formally or informally, on any organ project.

SEEKING OUT NEW ORGANISTS: THE SNC:AGO also advocates for the playing of pipe organs. Through our outreach programs, concerts, and community events we seek to encourage keyboardists and other musicians to consider the pipe organ. If you, your child or someone you know is interested in playing the organ, please contact

PROMOTING ORGAN REPERTOIRE: Each week in local churches, and at concerts throughout the year, SNC:AGO members advocate for organ literature through performance. There is over 600 years of organ repertoire, the most written for any solo instrument. It deserves to be heard and we want to make certain it continues to be.


Maurine Jackson Smith Organ Endowment Fund

Members of the SNC:AGO recently spearheaded the efforts to establish an endowment campaign to raise funds for the maintenance of the Maurine Jackson Smith Organ at UNLV. The organ was given to the university, for the benefit of the community, by the Edward D. Smith family and dedicated in 2004.

Members of the SNC:AGO board, the UNLV Foundation and Mr. Smith joined forces to establish the endowment fund to insure the maintenance and care of the organ in perpetuity.

Mr. Smith provided the seed money to set up the fund while SNC:AGO members facilitated additional donations to the campaign. The restricted purpose endowment fund is managed through the UNLV Foundation in collaboration with the College of Fine Arts.

The Maurine Jackson Smith Memorial Pipe Organ Memorial Maintenance Endowment Fund ensures the enjoyment of the instrument for generations to come, while saving the university much needed funding.