Theater & Residential Pipe Organs in the Las Vegas Valley


El Portal Theatre: 1928

6 Ranks 2 Manual Wurlitzer Style D

Wurlitzer Opus 1854 was installed in August of 1928 in the El Portal Theatre of Las Vegas. It is the first recorded existence of a Pipe Organ in Las Vegas. At an unknown time the organ was removed from the theater and installed in the home of Mr. Charles Lyall, charter member of the American Theatre Organ Society (ATOS), in Pauma Valley in Pala, California near San Diego as part of a now 24 rank Wurlitzer.

Residence of Phil Maloof

45 Rank 6 Manual 1931/1999 Barton

18 Rank 4 Manual 1926/2002 Wurlitzer

Barton Op. 350 of 10 ranks and three manuals was originally installed in the Paramount Theatre in Newport News, Virginia. It has the distinction of being the last instrument shipped from the Barton factory in 1931. It was later installed in a theatre in Alexandria, Virginia for a few years, moved to the Midwest where eventually the organ was purchased by the Granada Historical Society and installed in the Granada Theatre in Kansas City in 1986 and had 11 ranks added to it.

The Granada Theatre closed, and in 1997 it was purchased by Phil Maloof and installed in his Music Room here in Las Vegas. About the same time the six-manual console from the Barton 55-rank organ in the Chicago Stadium (which was torn down to make way for the new United Center, the pipes of the instrument were never relocated to a new home, and while in storage, 75% of the organ was destroyed in a fire) was also purchased by Phil Maloof and was completely restored and connected to operate the Barton Op. 350. The original console has also been retained. Another 10 ranks were added making a total of 32 ranks.

In addition the organ has some “classical” ranks added bringing the total to 43 ranks. Bob Maes was the principal technician responsible for the current installation.

Residence of Rhea Minor: 1979

3 Ranks Wicks

Originally installed in Springville, UT in 1907

Organ Teaching Studio - UNLV: 1983

7 Ranks Tracker Blackington

Artemus Ham Concert Hall - UNLV: 1983

3 Ranks 1 Manual Tracker - Positive Blackington

Residence of Shireen Beaudry: 1988

3 Ranks Wicks

Residence of Paul Howarth: 1990

5 Ranks + Electronics Rodgers

Residence of Edward Smith: 1999

2 Ranks + Digital Wicks/Walker

Reinstalled at the home of Robert and Carla Swift: 2005

Residence of Alice Hohenthaner: 2001

8 Ranks Tracker Steven Cook

Sold to Philip Manwell and moved to Reno, Nevada: 2014

Residence of Jane Dye: 2001

8 Ranks Tracker Steven Cook

Residence of Dr. Paul Hesselink: 2001

8 Ranks Tracker Steven Cook

Residence of Alice Hohenthaner: 2001

8 Ranks Tracker Steven Cook

Residence of Bruce Behnke: 2003

7 Ranks Tracker Steven Cook

Residence of John Ledwon: 1926/2014

13 Ranks Theater Wurlitzer

The original Wurlitzer started life in 1926 as a 3 manual 8 rank church organ installed in the First Christian Church, Lakewood, Florida on June 30, 1926. It was repossessed by Wurlitzer, rebuilt and moved to the Calvary Undenominational Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan on December 17, 1929. Mr. Ledwon purchased it from the family of the person who bought it from the second church who had it installed in their 100 year old farm house near the Canadian border.

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* All are Two-Manual and Pedal installations unless noted

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SPECIAL THANKS TO: John R. Mitchell of Salt Lake City, Ethlyn Peterson and Barbara Giles of Las Vegas for information on Wicks Organs, Mark Towne, Walt Strony, Bob Maes and Richard Wallace for providing information on theatre organs, and Raymond Barnes and others for supplying various details.

List compiled by Dr. Paul S. Hesselink 2001-02; Revised 3/2/2019