Special Thanks to Our Patrons.

The SNC:AGO is is able to sustain a recital series only through the generosity of our patrons. Add your name to this list by supporting the Organ Recital Series. Whether your gift is “loud” or “soft”, please become a patron today.


FORTISSIMO ($250 and above)

Shireen Beaudry

Kathi & Jeff Colman

Alexandra Chrysanthis & William Carrico

Drs. David & Barbara Dorway

Mr. and Mrs. William Paul Freeman

Donald Klahre

Kristine Kuzemka, Esquire

Dr. Paul S. Hesselink

Susan & John Lasher

John Ledwon

The Rev. Michael & Linda Link

Thomas Owens

Dr. Dorothy Young Riess

Tom & Marilyn Stark

Steven R Wright

FORTE ($200 to $249)

Linda S. Parker

Jack Taylor

MEZZO FORTE ($150 TO $199)

Rachel Black

Robert J. Frantzen

Dick & Nancy Murbach

Tom Rigsby & Reuben Navarro

Carla & Bob Swift

MEZZO PIANO ($100 TO $149)

Jaye Albright

Laura Hensley

Leo Kuijsten & Frnak Tierhold

Dr. Samuel Lam

Phil & Helmo Merkley

Gary & Alice Oiler

Krayton Stevens

Alma Strabala

PIANO ($50 TO $99)

Bruce Behnke

Liliane Haas

Eleanor & Robert Hoffman

Christina Lentz & Kevin Coney

The Rev. David & Ann Miller

In Memory of Thomas Alan Reinberg

Nancy Sokey

Cheryl Van Ornam


Ronald Duke

Francyl Gawryn

Diane Osaki-Morgan

Mallie Riecken

Don & Grace Schmiedel

Grace Wei