Workshops, Exchanges & Outreach

The SNC:AGO aims to support, educate & uplift organists and choir directors, and to seek out others who might be interested in playing the instrument.

Many of our workshops are offered annually or upon request. Watch here for updates on new programs and event dates.

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Intro to Organ Registration

Saturday, September 28
10 AM till Noon
Grace Presbyterian Church

Are you a beginning organist? Do you play piano but want to learn more about playing the organ? Maybe you are an organist who plays regularly, but would like to learn more about registering a digital or pipe organ? This free SNCAGO workshop is perfect for you.

The workshop will include a presentation by Dr. Paul S. Hesselink, DMA, plus plenty of hands-on training at the console of a pipe and/or digital organ.



Hymn Playing Workshop

Saturday, November 9
9 AM to Noon
Christ Church Episcopal

Brush up on your hymn playing skills just in time for the holidays. This free workshop, led by David Deffner, DMA, will help you hone your congregational accompaniment skills.

This workshop is perfect for the beginning organist, the piano/organist, or the seasoned pro that’s always open to a refresher on their hymn paying skills.


CHORAL READING WORKSHOP FOR CHOIR DIRECTORS: This workshop gathers choir leaders from across the valley and across denominations to review & sing new themes and church music from several music publishers. It’s a day of song and networking for our local choir conductors and music staffs.

TRANSPLANTED PIANIST WORKSHOP: This yearly workshop is planned for pianists who are called into service to play the organ in their churches. It is designed for those with little or no organ training. Topics discussed include basics of the organ, registration, hymn playing, easy preludes and postludes, ideas for beginning use of the pedals and resources for music and additional help. We also discuss the differences between playing electronic and pipe organs. There is also time for individuals to come up to the organ and try a technique they have not previously used.

REGISTERING THE MODERN ORGAN: Every organ: pipe, digital or hybrid, comes with some bells and whistles that organists forget about, don’t feel comfortable with or are just plain scared of using. This seminar helps organists rediscover & use some of those functions, voices and options.

ORGAN-IZING FROM THE PIANO: This program is available to piano teachers and their students, free of charge, at any time of the year. Students will learn about and interact with the pipe organ through hands-on experience. The program is open to students of any age. Students should be able to play one piece of music, at any level. Recommended class size per session is 10-20 students, and sessions will be unique to your studio.

A professional member of the chapter will facilitate the program which will include information about the organ, how sound is made and the background of organ being visited. Each student will have a chance to play a piece on the piano and then, with assistance from the facilitator, perform the same composition on the organ.

For more information on any of these programs, please contact