Robert Tall Demonstrates the Rodgers


On Saturday, January 12, 2019, Robert Tall gave a demonstration of the new Rodgers Organ plus pipes at The Shrine of the Most Holy Redeemer. About 15 people showed up for the presentation and heard Bob explain about the instrument and demonstrate its potential. First he demonstrated the six ranks of pipes, voiced by Christian Lentz, at the front of a very resonant room. Then he added the digital voices of the Rodgers Organ. The orchestral oboe was a remarkable sound. The midi playback function was used in a piece with sequenced orchestral accompaniment with and live organ performance all sounding as one. Most of us had never heard Bob play and were surprised by how well he actually played the instrument and impressed by his knowledge of all the bells and whistles the instrument possessed and how they could be used for great musical effect.

Kevin Coney