Duo Majoya with Paul S. Hesselink: September 13, 2011


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Schönberg’s Opus 40:
Variations on a Recitative for Organ

LECTURE: In celebration of Schönberg’s 137th birthday, a lecture describing the difficult circumstances regarding the birth of Schönberg’s Opus 40, the 10-year controversy that ensued, and how the composer’s extreme triskaidekaphobia played a role.

Paul S. Hesselink

Variations on a Recitative for Organ, Opus 40: Arnold Schönberg (1874-1951)

Marnie Giesbreckt

Variations on a Recitative Opus 40, a transcription for two pianos: Celius Dougherty (1902-1986)

Duo Majoya
Marnie Giesbrecjkt, piano
Joachim Segger, piano

This performance was co-sponsored by the UNLV Department of Music