LDS Paradise Stake


Forty years ago, Paradise Stake, under the leadership of Ethelyn Peterson, entered into a contract with the Wicks Organ Company of Highlands, Illinois, for building a pipe organ. In October 1972, Opus 5209 was installed by Dick Mitchell of Salt Lake City, Utah, and was ready to play. In December 1972 Robert Cundick played the dedicatory recital and gave workshops for local organists.

This was the first organ that Dick Mitchell and the Wicks Organ Company installed in the area and was the beginning of a long list of instruments to come. In 1992 the relays were updated, and additional levels of memory were installed, as well the addition of an independent 8-foot Gedeckt on the Swell.

As it now stands, this 12-rank organ is the oldest instruments in Las Vegas playing in its original location. The Southern Nevada Chapter of the American Guild of Organists has the 25th anniversary celebration at the Paradise Stake in 1998.


8’ Principal 61

8’ Holtz Gedeckt 61

8’ Gemshorn (SW)

4’ Praestant 12

4’ Nachthorn 12

2’ Blockflute 61

II Mixture 61

8’ Trompette (SW)


Swell to Great 16 - 8 - 4


8’ Gedeckt 61

8’ Gemshorn 61

8’ Gemshorn Celeste TC 49

4’ Koppel Flute 61

2 2/3’ Nasat 61

2’ Spitz Octave 61

8’ Trompette 61


Swell to Swell 16 - 4

Swell Unison Off


16’ Subbass 32

8’ Principal (GT)

8’Gemshorn (SW)

4’ Choral Bass (GT)

4’ Gemshorn (SW)

16’ Pausaune 32

4’ Clarion (SW)

Great to Pedal 8

Swell to Pedal 8

4 combination pistons duplicated by toe studs with four levels of memory

Sforzando to1e stud 61