Trinity United Methodist


In 1972 the Worship Commission Chair of Trinity United Methodist church reported to the charge conference that, “A Memorial Fund has been established with long-range plans for purchasing a small pipe organ to replace the present inadequate instrument."

A Pipe Organ Selection Committee was established in December 1974. Rev. James Stewart met with the committee and laid out the objectives. Garold Gardner, representing the Worship Committee was the chairperson. Other committee members were: Bob Beasley, Trustees; Paul Brooks, Finance; Carole Phillips, Choir; Charlene Elliot (now Rogerson) and the late J. Lynn Smith, At-Large; and Raymond Barnes, Director of Music, Ex-Officio.

A contract was signed in February 1975 with the Wicks Organ Company of Highland, IL, to custom build for Trinity UMC, a six-rank pipe organ for $15,888.00. The pipe organ was delivered on Ash Wednesday, (March 3) 1976 at 6:00 a.m. Men of the church met at the church to unload boxes of pipes and other components. It was installed in March, 1976 by John R. (Dick) Mitchell of Salt Lake City and dedicated in a festive service on March 28, 1976. Garold Gardner, Chairperson of the Organ Selection Committee, insisted that no one hear the organ until the opening hymn. People came early to get seats; those who arrived late stood along the walls. There were many tears of joy and celebration during that very special event.

In February 1986, a three rank mixture stop was added to the Great manual. The pipes were a gift of Roy and Roslyn Collins. This addition was sent to the Wicks factory to be revoiced and to have a wind chest added before it could be installed. Money for the factory work and installation came from the J. Lynn Smith Memorial Fund and from other contributions. The addition, which includes the small pipes installed at the top of the organ cabinet, adds brightness and richness to the organ. With this installation the organ includes a total of nine ranks and 595 pipes. Three years ago the relay system was replaced with a Peterson 4000 system and today the instrument would be valued at $350,000.

Many thanks to Melonie Card for finding this information in the church history, “Trinity United Methodist Church, Las Vegas, Nevada 1963-1988” edited by Richard W. Edmonson.


8’ Principal

8’ Bourdon

8’ Gemshorn

8’ Gemshorn Celeste

4’ Principal

4’ Gedeckt

2’ Principal

III Mixture

8’ Trompette

Swell to Great 16  

Swell to Great 8

Swell to Great 4



8’ Gedeckt

8’ Gemshorn

8’ Gemshorn Celeste

4’ Nachthorn

2’ Spitz Octave

1 1/3 ‘ Quinte

8’ Trompette


Swell to Swell 16  

Unison Off

Swell to Swell 4

PEDAL       16’ Subbass

8’ Principal

8’ Bourdon

4’Choral Bas

4’ Gedeckt

2’ Flute

8’ Trompette

Great to Pedal 8

Swell to Pedal 8  

Auto Pedal