Pipe Organs in the Las Vegas Valley

IN PROCESS: The chapter is working to survey and catalog the organs (pipe, electronic or hybrid) in churches throughout the region. If you have information on a local instrument (make, model, year, specifications, etc), please send us an email.


Advent United Methodist Church
3460 N. Rancho Drive
Rodgers 835B - 2 manual
Dedicated: March 29, 1998: PROGRAM
Guest Artist: Ted Alan Worth
Model Info & Stoplist: CLICK HERE

All Saints’ Episcopal Church
4201 W. Washington Ave
Steven Cook. 17 Ranks, Tracker
Dedicated: May 2, 1999 PROGRAM

Black Mountain Stake Center, LDS
801 Arrowhead Triangle, Henderson
Wicks, 11 Ranks

Christ Episcopal Church:
2000 S. Maryland Parkway
Schantz, 54 Ranks, 4 manual
Dedicated: February 5, 2010 PROGRAM
Guest Artists: Alice Hohenthaner, Paul S. Hesselink, Ty Woodward

Civic Center and Tonapah Chapel, LDS
2401 E. Tonopah Ave., North Las Vegas
Wicks, 11 Ranks

Community Lutheran Church
3720 E. Tropicana Avenue
Rodgers, 8 Ranks + Electronic, 3 Manual

First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
101 S. Rancho
Allen Renaissance, 3 manual
Specifications: CLICK HERE

Grace Community Church
1150 Wyoming, Boulder City 
Rodgers/Wallace, 8 Ranks + Electronics 

Grace Presbyterian Church
Formerly First Presbyterian Church
1515 W. Charleston Boulevard
Abbot & Sieker, 32 Ranks
Dedicated: June 13, 1982 PROGRAM
Guest Artist: Dale Peters

Previous Instrument: Allen 4300
Dedicated April 16, 1989
Guest Artist Rulon Christiansen

Green Valley Presbyterian Church
1798 Wigwam Parkway
Rodgers 950- 3 manual
Dedicated: February 20, 1999: PROGRAM
Guest Artist: Mark Zwilling
Model Info & Stoplist: CLICK HERE

Guardian Angel Cathedral
302 Cathedral Way
Allen Quantum Q405B 79 Stop Four-manual

Holy Spirit Lutheran Church
6670 W. Cheyenne Ave
905 Rodgers Classic Organ - 3 manual
Dedicated: May 2, 1999. PROGRAM
Model Info & Stoplist: CLICK HERE

Las Vegas Central Stake Center, LDS
1101 N. Pecos Road
Wicks, 12 Ranks 

Las Vegas East Stake Center, LDS
4040 E. Wyoming Avenue
Wicks, 12 Ranks

LDS Chapel: 1983
4500 W. Bonanza Road
Wicks, 5 Ranks

Our Lady of Las Vegas Catholic Church
3050 Alta Drive
Rodgers, 3 manual 960D
Dedicated February 19, 2002 PROGRAM
Guest Artist: Hector Olivera
Model Info & Stoplist: CLICK HERE

Meadows Stake Center LDS
3200 Mustang
Ballentyne, 30 Ranks
(This organ replaces the original 1982 Wicks 6 rank instrument. It includes most of the older instrument.)
Dedicated: February 22, 2019
Guest Artists: Jane Dye, Brenna Shelin, Steve Wright, Nora Hess, Laurie Swain, Don Cook and Choral Arts of Nevada

Mountain View Lutheran Church
9550 W. Cheyenne Avenue Rodgers    
Rodgers, 2 Ranks + Electronic

Mountain View Presbyterian Church
8601 Del Webb Blvd.
905 Rodgers Organ - 3 manual
Dedicated: June 15, 1997 PROGRAM
Guest Artist: Hector Olivera
Model Info & Stoplist: CLICK HERE

Nevada Stake Center, LDS
3400 W. Charleston Boulevard
Moller, 13 Ranks

Our Lady of the Skies Catholic Chapel
Nellis Air Force Base
Allen, 3 manual

Paradise Stake Center, LDS
1725 Palora Avenue
Wicks, 12 Ranks

Prince of Peace Catholic Church
5485 E Charleston Blvd
Dedicated: December 2, 1994
Guest Artist: Hector Olivera

Saint Andrew Lutheran Church
8901 Del Webb Blvd
Allen, 3 manual
Dedicated: February 19, 2006
Guest Artist: Walt Stroney PROGRAM

Saint George’s Episcopal Church
7676 W. Gilmore Ave.
Dedicated: March 11, 2002
Guest Artist: Dan Miller

Saint Joan of Arc’s Church
315 S. Casino Center Blvd.
Rodgers 950- 3 manual
Dedicated: November 22, 1997: PROGRAM
Guest Artist: Mark Zwilling
Model Info & Stoplist: CLICK HERE

Saint Joseph Husband of Mary
2295 E. Sahara Ave.
Previous Instrument: Johannus
Dedicated: September 14, 1993 PROGRAM
Guest Artist: Klas Jan Mulder
and The Gebroeders Brouwer Trumpets

Current Instrument:
Rodgers Trillium, model 1038 4 manual
Dedicated: 2006
Model Info & Stoplist: CLICK HERE

Sandstone Stake Center, LDS
221 Lorenzi Street
Wicks, 11 Ranks

Shrine of the Most Holy Redeemer
55 E. Reno Ave
Dedicated: February 27, 2019
Guest Artist William Vaughn with Tim Warnke: PROGRAM
Rodgers, 6 Ranks + Electronic, 3 manuals

South Stake Center, LDS
6601 W. Twain Street
Wicks, 11 Ranks

Sunrise Chapel, LDS
1825 N. Hollywood Boulevard
Wicks, 10 Ranks  

Trinity United Methodist Church
6151 W. Charleston Blvd.
Wicks, 10 Ranks
Dedicated March 28, 1976 PROGRAM

Tule Springs Stake Center, LDS
3350 W. Alexander Street
Wicks, 9 ranks

University United Methodist Church
4412 S. Maryland Parkway
Wicks, 6 Ranks
Dedicated March 18, 1984
Guest Artist: Harry McMurray PROGRAM

Calvary Lutheran Church
Dedicated November 14, 1976
Guest Artist: Charles Eve PROGRAM

Las Vegas Seventh Day Adventist Church
Allen, 2 manual
Dedicated: November 4, 1973
Guest Artist: Donald Vaughn PROGRAM

West Charleston Baptist Church
Wicks, 2-manual 4 ranks
Dedicated October 13, 1974
Guest Artist: Raymond J. Barnes